Thursday, 31 January 2008

Britney's gonna die

Honestly, I don't ever go looking for Britney Spears "news". It's everywhere. I hate the media. There is SO MUCH going on in the world that is important, and at the very least, interesting, and yet these people feel their time is better spent hounding a woman in an already supremely stressful situation and villainizing her. I don't know all the ins and outs of her situation with her ex-husband, or her children, but a divorce and especially a custody case is never an easy thing and then on top of that you can't even walk out to your car without a pile of stalkers climbing all over you and broadcasting the worst moments of your life to the world? I think I'd be pretty mentally ill as well.

And sadly nothing is going to change (about how the paparazzi operates) until something really bad happens. This girl is going to end up dead or institutionalized for a very long time by this month next year, I have no doubts about it. No, she's not a role model, and in all likelihood at this point in her life it's best that she's nowhere near her children, but jesus christ. The woman is already a joke professionally and mentally unstable...they're going to push and push until she's utterly and completely destroyed. It's a sad world we live in.

I just don't understand the interest in celebrity gossip. What makes these people so much better or more interesting than anyone else? I can name, well gee, every person I know is a ton more interesting than some famous guys sex life or whether some singer (even one I like) is having a baby. I can understand a politician's personal life being a bit more in the spotlight, but who are these people that their personal lives even matter? Can't we go back to Paris Hiltons cooch? She's more than happy to live with a camera stuffed up her skirt.

Add to all this that the actors and actresses of today are (for the most part) hardly even talented! Think back to old movies, when the performers didn't get paid THAT much more than anyone else, and they could sing, dance, act, and had to memorize entire SCENES. Go watch a movie or a TV show right now and look at all the camera angles and think about how much of that show the actor is probably doing without the other actors even THERE! The dialogues are all a series of close ups as each person speaks, line by line. The conversations don't even have to be filmed on the same day with the celebrities together! Now on top of them being scarcely talented why do I care what car they drive or whether they like to eat a big mac once in a fucking while?


I mean shit, think of Princess Di. The poor woman still cannot rest in peace. Every month or two they dig up some new reason to put her in the news, claiming she had an illness, or a pregnancy, or an engagement, or OH NOES her boyfriend was muslim or whatever. Let her DIE. RIP. All that jazz.

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