Friday, 25 January 2008

Much thanks

Much appreciation to those that sent some happy thoughts to S yesterday. I talked to her late last night and she was in a much better state mentally, found out she didn't have to put her dog down and some other good news on top of that. Hooray! I was expecting to call and have a good cry with her and instead had a nice long chat with lots of laughter. :D

The Cat has a tapeworm. Gross. Or some kind of fucking worm. The little seed pods are all over the places she sleeps, most notably the pile of about thirty I found under her favorite chair out in the dining area. (Much to my horror, thankfully we never eat there.) I'm deathly afraid though with Ray always down on the floor. BLARGH. And they won't see her till monday, then we get meds, and then it's another two weeks of meds before she's "clean". VILE.


bubbeedee said...

ewwww, maybe from being an inside/outside cat? yuck, maybe once she's "clean" you can train her to be an indoor cat, or have you tried that already? Somehow I just have the feeling she's been fouled by those horrid FOREIGN cats!

Stassja said...

Well I'm not entirely sure it's tapeworm, but generally they get worms from eating poo, or food infected with the worms. Basically...yes, it's from being indoor/outdoor. We do keep her in alot more (well until now) but she still loves to go outside to poo, I don't know if we'll ever be able to break her of it. She LOVES going outside and she's very, very, very persistent and very fast as well. I think we'll try keeping her in 24/7 once she's well again and see how it goes. Blah!