Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Oh Em Eff Gee dudes

If you own a PS3, go buy Little Big Planet right this second. RIGHT NOW. Don't even read another word of this post, go!

Why are you still reading this? OBEY ME! You won't regret it. This is why I listen to Penny Arcade when they joygasm all over a game. They are RIGHT! It's so ridiculously fun, even more so with a friend playing. Anthony and I have had so much fun on this thing and we've just started playing. LOVES!

Annnnyway, we had playgroup this morning. It was fun. Everyone was awwwing all over poor Ray. He's like yeah whatever, walking on it, climbing things, and being his normal self. So glad he's walking again, I thought for a moment that I would enjoy him crawling for a few days and a brief respite from him getting into EVERYTHING but I just love him walking. My big boy. :)

Uh oh!

Well my friends, the time has come! We knew it would happen one day (and probably many more times to come, knowing this kid) but I really had no idea it would be this soon.

Well, that's a lie. I probably jinxed him with all my "Oh my god, I can't believe he hasn't needed stitches or a cast yet!" thinking of late.

He went down the slide on Daddy's lap, and his shoe caught on the slide and pulled his leg underneath them, twisting it. He cried when it happened, but by the time I got to the park (not more than ten minutes later, I'd dropped them off and run to walmart quick) he was pretty much his normal self, except with a massive limp. He cried putting weight on it. Anthony had already checked his leg for bruises, swelling and such, and we checked again when we got home. Looked fine, and he moved his foot/ankle with no complaints. But putting weight on it was a no go. We hemmed and hawed about going to the ER (as it was evening when this happened) and finally decided that since it LOOKED ok, it might just be a sprain or a bad twist, and we'd wait to see if it was better by morning.

Well it wasn't. I took him in, got an appt right away for 10:30am. The pediatrician found nothing amiss when she examined him, and she even pressed her palm to his foot like he would putting weight on it. Not a peep, he didn't care. She suggested we do an xray anyway, and I agreed.

Sure enough, teeny tiny fracture of his leg. (Distal right tibia, if you're interested.) He doesn't even have a full cast, just a half of one along the back of his leg mid-shin to mid-foot with an ACE bandage wrapped around it. This was Thursday night, I believe, and just today he's begun walking on it. He's not QUITE as fast as normal, but he gets around fine. :)

Anthony of course felt terrible, poor guy. But thankfully it was a fairly un-traumatic experience for Ray. Aside from the initial incident, the only part he really had an issue with was the x-ray's, and that was due more to being tired, hungry, and wanting to run around (NOT hold stock still for the xray) than actual pain. No setting of the bone (thank GOD) or any such heinous act. So, he survives. It'll be a fun little story when he's grown! You broke your leg at a year old, kid! And amazingly enough, it was not from one of your usual daredevil stunts! (Today he's climbed on a large cooler numerous times, and into a big box. So you know, the cast is TOTALLY slowing him down.)

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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Why am I up at 4:20am? It's not to toke up, unfortunately. Because my beloved son has been up shrieking at me since 3 friggin am. (He's currently squeezing my nipple, wtffffff) Tried it all, hugs, love, milk (milk and more milk), comforting, and letting him cry (a little). He'll quiet down for ten mins, juuuuust long enough for me to ALMOST fall asleep, and then out of the blue he's shrieking again. I so don't get it. So he's up now, and I'm letting him play in the dark a few minutes in the hopes that it will reset him a bit.

SO NOT COOL OK. Especially with Anthony's schedule, because he never really gets a day off to sleep in. Or he'll get ONE. He just doesn't understand that I don't even want to sleep in that late, I just want, once in a while, to wake up when my body says so. Not when the shrieker in the next room demands it. I can literally count on one hand the number of times I've been able to do this since he was born. Anthony? Just spent five months livin' it up bachelor style, staying up late playing video games and sleeping till 4pm on weekends. CRY ME A RIVER OK MR 6AM?

On that note, gonna lay this punk down after I change his butt, and hopefully we'll get some sleep up in this piece. (He was even up late tonight. I DON'T GET IT.) Oh, and here's some survey thing. Enjoy.

1. Do you support international adoption? Most definitely! Kids from all over need love and families.
2. Do you support affirmative action? Not really. People better qualified being turned down to meet a quota is not cool with me.
3. Are you for or against experimentation on animals? While I dislike animals being hurt, it's not something we can do on humans morally, so I'm for it, as the lesser of two "evils".
4. Did you name your kid a Wal*martized name? Hell no.
5. For or against Capital Punishment? Very much FOR!
6. For or against the legalization of medical marijuana? For, people getting locked up and/or raided when they're chronically in pain and it's the best way to deal (with no side-effects) is not cool with me.
7. Do you have an eating disorder? I eat alot, I love food, and am not fond of puking. Certainly NOT!
8. Do you believe in Global Warming? Not entirely. I do agree that we should work on using fewer resources and being gentler on our planet where possible.
9. Are you against gambling? No, but I think it's pretty stupid beyond a friendly poker game.
10. Do you pray? At times, in a way. Not like I used to.
11. Do you have homosexual tendencies? Nunya! (bizness)
12. Are you having an affair? Yes. With Edward Norton. Doesn't seem to matter what movie he's in, I just want to hug him and tuck him away somewhere safe.
13. Are you for or against gun control? Are you part of the NRA? For gun control as in background checks and gun safety courses. AGAINST making them illegal or any such silliness. Not part of the NRA, I don't own a gun at this time.
14. For or against Universal Health care? Against! Being in military healthcare, and imagining if it was that way for everyone, all the time...I agree there are SERIOUS problems with our current system, but handing the government the reins (what public program have they NOT fucked up so far?) is not the answer imo.
15. Do you give to the homeless? Can't afford to right now, but I give when I can.
16. Do you support gay and lesbian civil unions? Marriages? Most definitely.
17. Do you believe or did you believe in the War on Terrorism? I did, and still do in some ways, not in others. It's a big humping mess.
18. Should abstinence or birth control be taught in schools? I'm all about some knowledge. Straight forward facts about BC, how to avoid pregnancy, and acknowledging that abstinence is still the only 100% option.
19. Should underage girls be allowed to have abortions without their guardians knowing? Nope, sorry.
20. Do you want prayer in public schools? I don't think there needs to be group prayer in the classroom. (Teacher led or over the MC) However, if, say, a group of high-schoolers wants to start a prayer group as a club, then I think they should have that right.
21. Should obese people pay for 2 airplane seats? I'll have to pay for my toddler soon, I vote yes. You take up two seats, you pay for two seats. Sorry bout your luck.
22. Are you a Republican or Democrat? Meh. Neither, these days.
23. Do you return your cart? I'll be honest, I'm one of THOSE people, that rarely puts the cart away. If I happen to not have Ray with me, then I do. But if it's hot out (and I always put him in as soon as the groceries are in) then I just put it wherever nearby and hop in. It's texas folks, it's HOT. Cart boy gets paid, and I just paid the grocery store for my food, some of that goes to him.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Iiiiiiiiiiiiit's memetime!

Tagged myself for a meme that I stole from Lacy Rose!

Take the sixth picture from your sixth album (most recent? least recent? Who knows!) and post it.

Here we see the Great White Spaghetti Monster!

Taken Sept 8th 2008, you see here my vain attempt at teaching Ray to feed himself with a spoon. I quickly gave up and let him go after it with his hands. This is the only time it's been attempted to date, and for obvious reasons. LOL. He did have fun though!

Here's another fun one, although it's actually the FIFTH pic in the FIFTH album (least recent as opposed to most). I just can't resist!

Saturday, 11 October 2008




I would like to thank craigslist for my used, lightly rusted, but fully functional $200 washer and dryer. They're even Whirlpools! And only a few years old. They were a bit dirty but we got em cleaned up quick and now I have a load going. I'm soooooo frigging happy.

I hate you laundromat. To the depths of my soul. And now we won't have to worry about any appliances in the next place. Although I do wonder what will end up happening with the fridge. There's NO WAY I'll be leaving it (or selling it to) the old bag that owns this place. And I really, really like my fridge. It's big and sexy and has many shelves. So I guess it depends on what kind of place we end up in in San Diego. Will be playing it by ear I suppose.

Ray found my prescription Eucarin lotion today. It is AMAZING stuff but omg impossible to get off. I left it open on my nightstand after applying to my legs this morning and he was apparently grabbing out whole handfuls (yes, it's a big open-topped canister of the stuff) and applying to his feet and the floor. Took a solid 5-10 mins of warm water and application after application of grease cutting dishwashing soap to get him cleaned up. Thankfully I have a good washer to do his pants and both our shirts in. It was another 15 mins scrubbing the carpet with hot water and generous squirts of Goo-Gone. I need to go check and see how well that worked, actually.

Sadly Emily is leaving tomorrow. Really not looking forward to getting up and leaving by 6:30am on a saturday to drive to Austin. Worst of all Anthony is on duty tomorrow so I have to bring Ray with. He's done a similar day in the car (when I drove up to Houston to get my xB) but it's still not much fun for him.

We were looking forward to seeing Jeff Dunham this friday but found out today that Anthony has duty. ARGH! We even had the neighbors lined up to watch Ray. (I think that's the one real thing I'll miss about this place, they are SO sweet. Lots of texas hospitality.)

Spent a good few hours last night melting our brains with AMV Hell 4 and then some AWESOME clips of Afro-Ken, arguably one of the most bizzarre and zen-tastic animes I've seen. Not sure if the show came first or the merchandise, but anyone that's spent enough time with me knows that I was in looooove with that shit in Japan and have bags, notebooks, and so on covered in Afro-Ken. I even unloaded a ton of my old stickers onto my guitar hero controller. Fun!

Enjoy Afro-ken as I win another mommy of the year award feeding pizza to my 14 month old. In my defense it's spinach chicken tomato alfredo, but still.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


So I had a big fat DUH moment the other night. Anthony, Emily and I were watching the Business of Being Born (excellent, everyone needs to see this flick) and Anthony said again how he doesn't want to be around for the next birth, at all. He said he's fine with it being a homebirth and all that, it wouldn't change if I were in the hospital, he just gets sooooo nervous thinking of me in labor. (He's a protector through and through, I can't fault him for that!) I plan on surrounding myself with some of my closest ladies, so it's really not the end of the world for me.

He also feels really bad I missed the first hour with Ray (gets quite upset about that) and says I should be allowed some alone time with the next one. He's a sweety.

Anyway, I already knew all this. The big old DUH moment was this: it's no wonder I didn't go into labor! I've been telling people right and left (when they're unsure of who to allow into the labor room) that a few different things can "go wrong" on that front. Mom can hold up labor with her own reservations/fears/random other emotional hangups. A person the woman is uncomfortable with coming into the room can also slow/stall labor. And, last but not least, someone in the room who is very nervous/worried can have an effect on things.

Now please understand that Anthony DID want me to go into labor, this was of course nothing conscious on his part. Nor on mine. But being a big fat empath I am very highly tuned to his frequency, as it were. Soemthing will happen, he'll say it doesn't bother him or he doesn't care, and I'm the one who doesn't sleep for a month because he's turmoil inside.

So this...this makes ALOT of sense. Especially considering some of the "false" starts I had, and precisely when they stopped...how anxious he was to get to the hospital...so yes, he will be FAR away for the next one. Once baby time hits I'll have Shannapance come down for a weekend, perhaps, and send Anthony up to play video games with Ryan, and we'll get that party started.

(I am at times also very well tuned to Shanna, and at the end of the pregnancy with Ray just IM'ing her on msn was enough to make my contractions stronger and painful. So the effect with Anthony is not isolated!)

This realization is VERY reassuring to me. I've looked around a bit learning about having an irritable uterus (which I most certainly do) and if a woman has it with the first it's common for it to happen again with subsequent pregnancies. I asked the midwife I would likely see in san diego about it online, and she said it's also common for a woman with an irritable uterus to have trouble developing a strong effective contraction pattern for labor. Since you can't induce a VBAC because of the much-increased risk of uterine rupture, that would possibly leave me high and dry for a VBAC. Knowing that it probably wasn't 100% my body gives me alot more confidence that the next time I CAN do it on my own. :)