Friday, 29 February 2008

I still live!

Man it's tough keeping up with this thing sometimes!

Things are still good out this way, Ray is keeping me busy busy! He's all over the place now (still) and is happily pulling up on everything. The chairs, couches, coffee table, bookshelves, boxes...he LOVES to stand!

We had a barbeque on our new grill over here last weekend and a bunch of friends came over to eat steaks and play Guitar Hero. It was the first time we'd actually hosted more than one couple, so it was new territory for us but alot of fun. We hope to have one more bash before we pack up all our furniture in less than three weeks! (AAAAAHHHH!)

Right after that I came down with a nasty little cold, and of course Ray followed suit a day or so later, so it hasn't been all fun and games over here.

We ordered Anthony's laptop and my Eee pc today, so you'll soon be hearing alot more from me as I'll have a bit more computer time where I can still keep an eye on little dude. YAY! We're VERY excited, as you can imagine.

More soon!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Madam Stassja

I discovered today that I am, indeed, a psychic. If only I had a premonition about a better occurence!

I have this nifty thermos my mom gave me for nursing that I drink water out of day and night. I keep a plastic jug of water in the fridge so I can always refill it with wonderous, cold water. (We have no ice maker, alas.) I went to fill up my thermos, balancing it neatly on top of the door of the refrigerator. There was a moment where I felt maybe I should take it down or something, I didn't want to spill. This idea popped very strongly into my head, to the point where I even imagined what it would feel like to be standing in a puddle of cold water in my socks. Ignoring it, I poured my water without any issue. As I went to close the plastic jug, it slipped out of my hands. When it fell to the floor, being full of cold water, it broke. Woosh, half a gallon of icy water, EVERYWHERE! Picking it up quickly I walked across the kitchen and put it in the sink to finish draining. Of course, I left my thermos on top of the door which drifted shut, knocking it down into the fridge, spilling what remained of my delicious, precious cold water all over the fridge and the floor. Fantastic.

I really need to pay more attention when these strange ideas pop into my head. *sigh*

And not moments ago, I turned my office chair, knocking one of my favorite bowls off the ironing board behind me and busting it on the floor. :( No premonition there, sadly. I would have listened!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

picspam again omg

I was looking at some old pics.

After seeing my friends newborn 6lb boy the other day I have a whole new appreciation for my c-section. I mean, mentally I KNEW that Ray was big, I mean ten lbs? Good grief! But without a normal sized newborn to compare him to I really had no clue.

I believe under the right circumstances I may have been able to push him out vaginally, but looking at these pics again I'm not sure it would have been a good idea! I mean jesus, look at that barrel chest! That's even scarier than the head! LOL.

I blooped out his man bits.

At three months, chillaxin' at the library.

And six months, just before the superbowl.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, my hair is blue. Oh yes. I tried, once again, to get a decent family picture this afternoon. Now, I totally expect the Bug to be squirmy, blurry, and uncooperative. However, when I can't even get Anthony to make a decent face I get pretty peeved. His biological dad made sure to pass on the "I think I have a stupid smile so I won't do it for pictures" gene to him. Fucker. He has a GREAT smile but he refuses to do it with a camera around, so instead he makes silly faces or just stares blankly, or tries to do his smirk. The smirk is cute, but it REALLY for reals doesn't look good on film. ARGH! BOYS. GOSH.

I was also trying to get a shot of Bugs daily yoga practice, but of course he decided to do boring things like lay around on his belly once the camera was out. I did manage to capture this ninja "dodging-a-bullet-in-an-action-flick" pose. Please note the bonus "instant-death-blow-to-monkey" action!

Thursday, 14 February 2008


I'm getting a new computer with the bonus! Well, sort of. In all of Anthony's research to find himself a perfect laptop he found this, the Eee PC. It's a tiny, very basic, 7" laptop with only 4gb of space. Internet ready and comes pre-loaded with Linux. No CD drive but of course you can hook one up to it. I'm just really excited because I'll be able to keep up with instant messaging, blogging, message boards, and all that other fun stuff while still being out with Ray. And hey, $400 for a mini laptop? Definitely! I'll still use my "baby", the desktop for more hardcore stuff like gaming, video/picture editing and so on. It'll also be nice to have a little one for all the traveling we'll be doing, visiting family and such. I can just hop on the wireless network and check emails and such without bugging any family/friends for use of their computers. Hooray!

Lots going on here but it's been a loooong frazzling few days. Saw a friends newborn a few days ago and I got the baby itch. That night Ray was up every three hours and lo and behold, my baby itch was cured! Not ready for the newborn sleep schedule (or lack thereof!) again. LOL. All in due time.

We're getting super excited about the move. One of these days I'll start a list on here of all the little things I'm looking forward to, it'll probably be fun to look at later. We've got about 70 days left in Spain!

Friday, 8 February 2008


Big big news over here! Anthony re-enlisted today, huzzah!

My Ray of Sunshine will be half a year old tomorrow. Wow. Time flies!

And the best news of all, Ray's spanish paperwork is done! We go in early monday to pick up his spanish birth certificate! After six months of fighting, the war is won. We can leave! *HAPPY FRIGGIN DANCE*

I feel like 1000lbs of worry has been lifted off my shoulder. Soon we'll be debt free, and I don't have to worry about the paperwork being done in time for the move. Thank the jesus. WHEW!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Sad sad sad, this is the kind of shit I was just talking about.

At last, a voice of semi-reason.

Now, though, even some of the photographers who make their living chronicling every step of her meltdown are beginning to examine their consciences, and their professional ethics. One British photographer based in Los Angeles, Nick Stern, became perhaps the first to make a public stand when he quit his job with the Splash news agency a few days ago because he could not bring himself to cover Britney another day longer.

"The Britney story is no longer about Britney," he said. "It's the media circus surrounding her... It's not journalism. Sooner or later, someone's going to get killed. Possibly Britney herself."

Stern said he could no longer stomach the sheer aggression of the pack – many of whom have no photographic training and, he said, include members of street gangs treating the trade in Britney snapshots as a criminal racket.

"I've heard stories of fights, of car tires being slashed, or cars being blocked in and vehicles jumping lights, all in the name of getting a picture," he said.

"It's now acceptable for paparazzi to drive the wrong way down a street in pursuit of Britney." Stern, who moved to Los Angeles last August following several years at the head of his own agency, First News, said he had no objection to celebrity journalism.

He made a fine living from it, selling mainly to the lower end of the British newspaper market, and felt the press corps were unfairly blamed for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997. Nor does he have any particular beef with Splash, who he said were "one of the more honourable professional employers out here".

He has now joined another agency, Bauer Griffin.

The Britney circus, though, has turned his stomach. "If there's a story concerning Britney that's justified, that's great," he said. "But it's gone way beyond that... She has real psychological problems."

Friday, 1 February 2008

Up and down again

What a day. I'm going the lazy route and doing this in pro/con bullets.

  • Pro - Ray is getting speedy. He spent the whole day following me around the house. Into the hallway, the kitchen, it was soooo cute. He's getting so big! Lots of rocking on his knees but he's still just pulling himself with his arms to be mobile.
  • Con - He spent the whole day following me around the house. Ate every hour or two (it seemed, I've long since stopped "watching the clock" as far as feedings) but didn't take a nap till late afternoon when Anthony came home from work.
  • Pro - Apparently they're reinstating the SRB...which I believe stands for "Service Re-enlistment Bonus", just in time for us to go back to plan A. Re-enlist February 11th(date?) and get that big delicious chunk of cash to pay off our debt and such. Please God pleeeeease!
  • Pro - Went to the exchange and got baby gates, new speakers for the back of the car, and a new sound card (since mine crapped out) for about $100. Woo!
  • Con - Apparently my sound card wasn't the issue. The speakers are toast. Speakers = waaaaay more expensive to replace than a sound card. Still happy that I got a new one, the sound is a little more stable than it was with that Creative Audigy2 piece of horse-shit, but it's still fluctuating. ARGH.
  • Con - Ray really wore me out today and Anthony promised that after our exchange trip (and a feeding) he would watch Ray so I could have some time to get the sound card put in. Well, he came down with a headache just as we got home. It's really more like a migraine when he gets them, he stays horizontal and inevitably throws up before going to sleep. I tried to nip it in the bud this time, gave him some Navy style Ibuprofen (giant horse tranquilizer dosage), a half glass of tasty V8 Fusion Tropical Orange to get his blood sugar up in case it was just hunger (those juices ROCK, they're actually veggies and fruit and low on sugar) and he laid on the floor with Ray while I made dinner. No luck. He ate a few bites, threw up for five minutes, and then went to bed.
  • Con - Around the time he was heading to bed I got my own headache and Ray was a tired fussy mess the rest of the evening.
  • Pro - Got Ray down before 11pm.
  • Con - He may not stay down.
  • Con - Anthony has watch 7-7 tomorrow. On my own again. Woopee.
I can't think of anymore. I have a wonderful tension headache and I should try to go to sleep I suppose. I want to watch Lost. Ugggghhh.