Friday, 15 February 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, my hair is blue. Oh yes. I tried, once again, to get a decent family picture this afternoon. Now, I totally expect the Bug to be squirmy, blurry, and uncooperative. However, when I can't even get Anthony to make a decent face I get pretty peeved. His biological dad made sure to pass on the "I think I have a stupid smile so I won't do it for pictures" gene to him. Fucker. He has a GREAT smile but he refuses to do it with a camera around, so instead he makes silly faces or just stares blankly, or tries to do his smirk. The smirk is cute, but it REALLY for reals doesn't look good on film. ARGH! BOYS. GOSH.

I was also trying to get a shot of Bugs daily yoga practice, but of course he decided to do boring things like lay around on his belly once the camera was out. I did manage to capture this ninja "dodging-a-bullet-in-an-action-flick" pose. Please note the bonus "instant-death-blow-to-monkey" action!


MEW said...

The blue hair looks AMAZING. Seriously, I love it!

And Ray IS damn adorable. I don't know how you can stand it. I would certainly melt into a puddle of goo if I was around that much cuteness all the time.... of course that would then mean that I would be changing poopy diapers as well so perhaps I wouldn't.... :-P

Anonymous said...

first I thought blue, then i thought green. mine was purple 'when i was your age'. look at me now. let that be a warning.