Thursday, 14 February 2008


I'm getting a new computer with the bonus! Well, sort of. In all of Anthony's research to find himself a perfect laptop he found this, the Eee PC. It's a tiny, very basic, 7" laptop with only 4gb of space. Internet ready and comes pre-loaded with Linux. No CD drive but of course you can hook one up to it. I'm just really excited because I'll be able to keep up with instant messaging, blogging, message boards, and all that other fun stuff while still being out with Ray. And hey, $400 for a mini laptop? Definitely! I'll still use my "baby", the desktop for more hardcore stuff like gaming, video/picture editing and so on. It'll also be nice to have a little one for all the traveling we'll be doing, visiting family and such. I can just hop on the wireless network and check emails and such without bugging any family/friends for use of their computers. Hooray!

Lots going on here but it's been a loooong frazzling few days. Saw a friends newborn a few days ago and I got the baby itch. That night Ray was up every three hours and lo and behold, my baby itch was cured! Not ready for the newborn sleep schedule (or lack thereof!) again. LOL. All in due time.

We're getting super excited about the move. One of these days I'll start a list on here of all the little things I'm looking forward to, it'll probably be fun to look at later. We've got about 70 days left in Spain!

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