Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Madam Stassja

I discovered today that I am, indeed, a psychic. If only I had a premonition about a better occurence!

I have this nifty thermos my mom gave me for nursing that I drink water out of day and night. I keep a plastic jug of water in the fridge so I can always refill it with wonderous, cold water. (We have no ice maker, alas.) I went to fill up my thermos, balancing it neatly on top of the door of the refrigerator. There was a moment where I felt maybe I should take it down or something, I didn't want to spill. This idea popped very strongly into my head, to the point where I even imagined what it would feel like to be standing in a puddle of cold water in my socks. Ignoring it, I poured my water without any issue. As I went to close the plastic jug, it slipped out of my hands. When it fell to the floor, being full of cold water, it broke. Woosh, half a gallon of icy water, EVERYWHERE! Picking it up quickly I walked across the kitchen and put it in the sink to finish draining. Of course, I left my thermos on top of the door which drifted shut, knocking it down into the fridge, spilling what remained of my delicious, precious cold water all over the fridge and the floor. Fantastic.

I really need to pay more attention when these strange ideas pop into my head. *sigh*

And not moments ago, I turned my office chair, knocking one of my favorite bowls off the ironing board behind me and busting it on the floor. :( No premonition there, sadly. I would have listened!


MEW said...


I have to go into work early tomorrow morning, my roommate is currently having a party and they're smoking pot, and my boyfriend is talking on the phone in his outdoor voice in our teeeeeeny bedroom.... so I know how you feel.


bubbeedee said...

Bummer! I was on the edge of my seat for that one, thinking something dire was about to happen to "wonder-thermos"! Imagine my relief. Good thing it's metal. I grieve for you bowl though, and the HOURS you spent mopping up your cold water...

Stassja said...

I've still been too lazy to do a super job of drying the fridge inside. I think alot of the water went under the fridge, sadly, but I cleaned up what I could using a couple of bath towels that were awaiting a wash in the laundry room. Easy clean up (thank goodness it wasn't juice!) but of course I was REALLY thirsty and Ray was in the next room crying for me. Gah!

Wonder Thermos survived intact, it's not the first time he's taken a tumble!

Anonymous said...

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bubbeedee said...

ok, now I am actually ahead of you on blogging. Well, I don't have and active infant in the house - although I think a 13 year old boy comes close...time for you to write a new blog!!