Friday, 29 February 2008

I still live!

Man it's tough keeping up with this thing sometimes!

Things are still good out this way, Ray is keeping me busy busy! He's all over the place now (still) and is happily pulling up on everything. The chairs, couches, coffee table, bookshelves, boxes...he LOVES to stand!

We had a barbeque on our new grill over here last weekend and a bunch of friends came over to eat steaks and play Guitar Hero. It was the first time we'd actually hosted more than one couple, so it was new territory for us but alot of fun. We hope to have one more bash before we pack up all our furniture in less than three weeks! (AAAAAHHHH!)

Right after that I came down with a nasty little cold, and of course Ray followed suit a day or so later, so it hasn't been all fun and games over here.

We ordered Anthony's laptop and my Eee pc today, so you'll soon be hearing alot more from me as I'll have a bit more computer time where I can still keep an eye on little dude. YAY! We're VERY excited, as you can imagine.

More soon!

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