Monday, 3 March 2008

Uh oh, it's back. >.>

I have baby fever. It's official. I've been looking up ways to chart fertility while still breastfeeding. (Cuz you know, I haven't had a period since October of 2006. Gotta love it!) I would like our little ones to be fairly close in age.

So check this.

From the beginning of May until the beginning of October Anthony will be in school in San Diego. His current ship schedule is this: His crew will be deployed to their ship (in the middle east) for 6 months, then they're home for 12. They're gone now, and will be home in mar/apr, so they'll be leaving again in mar/apr next year. In between those big deployments they won't be gone more than 3-4 weeks at a time, puttering around the gulf.

So my question is this, where to fit a baby in there? The things I feel Anthony should really be there for, as a father and for my sake, to help me out, are the last couple months of pregnancy (when I'm huge and have a toddler), the birth, and first few months with the new baby. If we tried and got pregnant right before we left here, he'd be here the last few months of the pregnancy, the birth, and first few months (most likely). I'd be due around December. I'm thinking that'd be a fairly good time (if we get pregant, don't even know if I'm fertile again and I don't want to give up BFing Ray until he's 18 months if possible). The other good time, would be right before he deploys next spring.

In other news: Our computers shipped friday! USPS willing we'll be getting them this week. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bubbeedee said...

yay! more grandbabies for me! and of course...if the timing doesn't work out and the baby comes when Daddy's not around, you know I'll help!

MEW said...

Noo, that means you'll be TWO up on me before I'm even hitched! No fair! Cheating!!!

Oh well. Guess that means I get built-in babysitters. Bwahaha.


Stassja said...

Yay for mommy being there! Of course I'd want you there regardless!

I talked to Anthony, and he's pushing more for next year or even later. We shall see I suppose.

Megan- When's the wedding, foo'?! I want to come! And hooray for baby sitters.

kyoto said...

Yay1 more grandbabies for me tooo!! Well- your mama was about 5 months old and Auntie Amy was on the way and that worked out wonderfully - so - siblings close together are good - they don't have time to get the "I,m the only one" idea. As to the nursing I was nursing baby #6(who was over 18 months) and became pg and as I remember the milk did dwindle off - then unfortunately that pregnancy didn't finish. Well --we are so excited to be getting youall back in the good ol'USA and seeing you soon!!!

Stassja said...

Wow, I didn't realize mama and Amy were so close! Wow! I would like Ray to be a bit older and not relying so heavily on the breastmilk when we do try. I'd like to nurse him a good while and I think it may be easier to do if he's already "cut back" so to speak.

I'm so excited to be back soon as well!