Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Oh lordy am I tired. Stage 1 of the move went well. Ray was pretty good for the movers being here, but a bit needy when we were trying to sort stuff beforehand. Little guy slept pretty good last night but I certainly did NOT. The loaner bed is hard and horrible and I'm wheezing pretty bad from all the dust that got stirred up.

And now, one big stress causer gone so another can crop up. The car won't start. We still have the rental so we're not stranded but we were hoping to ship ours this week. Now we need to order the clutch and get it fixed and wait, well, weeks. Blah. I guess it's a good thing I was planning to spend a few weeks with the folks , looks like I wouldn't have much choice now with no car!

OMG I cannot handle this friggin dermatitis on my hands anymore. I want to chop my fingers off and be done with it. AGH.


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kyoto said...

Now Grandma says no finger chopping !!! Have you tried the coal tar ointment ?? Your greatgrandma Sprague had trouble with her hands and detergent and the coal tar ointment really helped -- what do the learned NAVY DOCTORS offer for this ??? Goood luck with the moving -- it is always such a struggle but it always seems to come right somehow in the end!!!!! Love