Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Whoops, meme answer

Ok so I goofed the meme slightly, I am supposed to write a whole entry in answer. I responded to rev in comment, but since my mother asked the same question on my Blogger I'll go ahead and do the whole shebang.

The last movie I watched was Knocked Up. On the humor scale it rated a little low for me. The '40 Year Old Virgin' movie making crew is not really my thing, I'm more into like, Anchorman or Dodgeball when it comes to humor. But it was ok.

The story was pretty cute, I thought.

And whereas most movies involving pregnancy/birth have me shaking my fist in impotent rage, I found it to be quite informed and without too many "hyuck hyucks" on the behalf of the mother. For the most part they didn't play up the usual silliness, the father kept a coolhead and didn't forget her when they went to the hospital. (Gimme a friggin break) She was not on the floor screaming and clutching her belly the moment she went into labor. She did not immediately rush into the hospital, rather she walked around the house and relaxed in the tub to relieve the pain until the show really got rolling.

Once in the hospital she wanted to go med free because she didn't want her baby to be born all "drugged out" and I think I may have cheered that they put a bit of TRUTH in there instead of sticking a needle in her back the second she walked through the door. Her doctor was a controlling tool, and was really upsetting her, so dad took him aside and said to chill out, and he did.

Inaccuracies? The father saying that once she lost her mucous plug that meant the baby was about to come. I will say that if there's bloody show with it, then it is likely you'll start labor soon. However if it's just the plug it could be tomorrow or in three weeks. Those things regenerate. Also, when she went into the hospital the baby had heart decels. The dr did a vaginal exam and said the cord was around the neck. *blink blink* Unless he was reaching INTO HER WOMB that would merely be a guess, good sir. Also, cord around the neck is actually fairly common and doesn't always cause issues with the birth. Now, if he reached up and felt that the head was ballotable (not up against the cervix, the baby is abled to be pushed upwards with a bit of finger pressure) then there is a chance that the cord could get down there first (cord prolapse) and THAT my friends is a serious problem. And if that was the case, then breaking her water for her is pretty much the last thing you want to do to speed things along, as that could force the baby to engage in a bad position or with the cord in the way. ANYway.

It was a pretty fun watch, not one I'll be owning.


bubbeedee said...

wow! Dr. Nastassja! I'm amazed (although I shouldn't be)at your knowledge in this area. And to think you have gleaned all this information on your own. Home-larnin', who'da thunk it?

Stassja said...

Yeah gosh, I guess I forgot that I'm not supposed to learn anything without a classroom and a representative for the state standing over me making sure that I'm "safe".

And I can't wait to learn moooooore! The female body is an incredible, amazing thing.