Friday, 1 February 2008

Up and down again

What a day. I'm going the lazy route and doing this in pro/con bullets.

  • Pro - Ray is getting speedy. He spent the whole day following me around the house. Into the hallway, the kitchen, it was soooo cute. He's getting so big! Lots of rocking on his knees but he's still just pulling himself with his arms to be mobile.
  • Con - He spent the whole day following me around the house. Ate every hour or two (it seemed, I've long since stopped "watching the clock" as far as feedings) but didn't take a nap till late afternoon when Anthony came home from work.
  • Pro - Apparently they're reinstating the SRB...which I believe stands for "Service Re-enlistment Bonus", just in time for us to go back to plan A. Re-enlist February 11th(date?) and get that big delicious chunk of cash to pay off our debt and such. Please God pleeeeease!
  • Pro - Went to the exchange and got baby gates, new speakers for the back of the car, and a new sound card (since mine crapped out) for about $100. Woo!
  • Con - Apparently my sound card wasn't the issue. The speakers are toast. Speakers = waaaaay more expensive to replace than a sound card. Still happy that I got a new one, the sound is a little more stable than it was with that Creative Audigy2 piece of horse-shit, but it's still fluctuating. ARGH.
  • Con - Ray really wore me out today and Anthony promised that after our exchange trip (and a feeding) he would watch Ray so I could have some time to get the sound card put in. Well, he came down with a headache just as we got home. It's really more like a migraine when he gets them, he stays horizontal and inevitably throws up before going to sleep. I tried to nip it in the bud this time, gave him some Navy style Ibuprofen (giant horse tranquilizer dosage), a half glass of tasty V8 Fusion Tropical Orange to get his blood sugar up in case it was just hunger (those juices ROCK, they're actually veggies and fruit and low on sugar) and he laid on the floor with Ray while I made dinner. No luck. He ate a few bites, threw up for five minutes, and then went to bed.
  • Con - Around the time he was heading to bed I got my own headache and Ray was a tired fussy mess the rest of the evening.
  • Pro - Got Ray down before 11pm.
  • Con - He may not stay down.
  • Con - Anthony has watch 7-7 tomorrow. On my own again. Woopee.
I can't think of anymore. I have a wonderful tension headache and I should try to go to sleep I suppose. I want to watch Lost. Ugggghhh.

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