Thursday, 24 January 2008

I was moving, a little

Ahhhh, few things feel better than a good workout. I love my old fat lady class paddling around with our floaties, thank you very much.

Much to my surprise I discovered today that my "of age" ass CAN rent a car, I just get to pay lots and lots more. Screw that.

Thoughts and prayers for my girl S, please. She's going through a hell of a time and moving in a week on top of it all.

Well I need to feed the Bug and hit up Taco Bell with Stacy. Damn military Karma 101, you will not get a close friendship with anyone unless 1. You're about to move across an ocean or 2. They are. I hate you military. Blah!

1 comment:

bubbee said...

glad you went to your class - the cruel workout-taskmaster made me take my half hour walk today. He's good at that. You know how pushy he can be. Gosh I wonder where he gets that...