Sunday, 27 January 2008

Let the crossposting begin!

Ray is mobile! He's been venturing off his rug and over to the kitchen, the hallway, under tables and chairs, agh! Time to buy some baby gates and really crack down on the babyproofing.

Movie recommendation of the week? Juno. I saw a preview and was intrigued. I d/led it (not available to rent here, figures) and felt pretty sure I'd either love it or hate it. And I was right, I LOVED it. Those of you that know me recently know that I pretty much hate any portrayal of pregnancy and birth on tv or in movies because 75% of the time it's just one big Hyuckfest (oh, she has weird CRAVINGS! LOLOLOL!!1!! Oh, she's MOODY LOLOLOl!!11 Oh, the dad is a bumbling idiot when she goes into labor!!LOLOLolOLOLoLOL!!11!!!), or it's a tragic downer, or just unrealistic in general. Juno was REALLY cute, laid back, humorous. It's about a teenage girl (16) who finds out she's pregnant and follows her as she decides to give the baby up for adoption to a local couple she meets through a newspaper ad. I really liked that abortion was a non-issue, as in she went to the clinic, decided she couldn't go through it, but there was nothing a pro-lifer or pro-choicer could take much issue with. There was no agenda pushing, it was so nice! A few warm gooey moments but nothing overly dramatic or was just really really good.

Hmmm, this makes me think of one of my first prenatal appointments with Ray. They brought out the oversized picture book that showed big cutaway pictures of mom and baby every few months. I'll have to see if I can't find the last picture and share it because wow. They had the little cutaway, baby all fully formed and ready to go. While mom was just a normal cutaway the baby was turned to face you and had its eyes open and was SMILING. CREEPY.

Ok, I'm done.

Major babyproofing to be done when Anthony gets home and Ray wakes up. Time to ditch the old coffee table the TV is on. It's old, flimsy, ugly, and splintery. He's been grabbing at it and since it's kind of low he can even reach some of the stuff near the edge. (He lays kind of on his side, propped up on an elbow and reaches up.) We've been wanting to buy a new entertainment center (something low, simple, with glass doors on the front. Not some ginormous closet thing, you know?) but so far the only one we've found to our liking was about 90E out on town. More than we're willing to pay for some POS hunk of particle board that we have to assemble ourselves, you know? So in the meantime we're putting the TV on the higher, nicer coffee table, since it's been shuffled off to the side anyway to make room for Wii playing and wiggly baby. Anthony is overjoyed at the prospect of real housework. Whiner.


Anonymous said...

pos, i like that.

bubbeedee said...

go Ray go! nothing like kids to motivate the parents, they make us responsible (darn). Oh, and I learned that in text-speak POS means Parent Over Shoulder. Which I think is great - only most of the little kids using the term probably don't appreciate the double meaning eh laksmi?

bubbeedee said...

I'll have to check out that movie. I'm with you on the whole preggo-stereotype thing. Gosh yes it's ridiculous. I find the whole stupid bumbling Dad thing really insulting. Right up there with the librarian who lets down her hair and takes off her glasses and suddenly she's a knock out.

Stassja said...

Oh man, not the librarian thing!

And yeah, it's the freaking miracle of life here, must we make mockery of it at every turn? I mean, I don't think I took myself too seriously when I was the one knocked up, could still laugh at myself trying to shave my legs and those last fearful attempts at spurring on labor with intercourse (they should award olympic medals for such feats performed when nine months pregnant!).

I forgot about parent over shoulder! I think when I was that age we used a different acronym but I can't remember what it was now. Obviously in this context I was referring to POS's more common use!