Wednesday, 30 January 2008

And that quickly, it's over.

Well I didn't stick with it long, but I think I'm going to have to put off the screening business. (AKA, not do it.) I would so love to do it here but we have two months to get out of here and I'm already twitchy about that. Plus Ray and the house and well basically, I'm already in as deep as I can swim. I suppose my crusading will have to wait for another day.

Plus with the way this community is...only one real hospital and not alot of options as far as midwives go...the people I would need the most support from is the hospital and I think it'd be an awkward and difficult thing to get their help, add to the fact that it's a military hospital and officers and it's all so damned political.


Gypsy market was nice. It was fun to stroll a bit in the sun and look at all the nifty stuff. Quite a bit of fabric there but nothing that caught my eye. Ran a few other errands, came home for Ray to nap, and then ran some more this evening. Commissary, video rental and so on. I just put the Bug down at 9:30 (10pm now) and I don't know if he'll stay asleep. I'm sooooo tired. He went down at 11pm-ish last night but my mind was on overdrive and I couldn't fall asleep till 2am. Then Anthony was up before 7 (which woke me) and Ray woke to eat just after he left. I was in bed again at 8am but then Anthony came home twenty minutes later and I dozed till about 9:20 and then Ray was up.

I guess I'll go shower, try and unwind.


Megan Webb said...


Fabric Fabric?

Fabric fabric fabric???

Stassja said...

I gave up on the fabric and ordered a decent looking carrier online. They had some ok fabrics but none that were "right". I found a carrier that's super on sale, discontinued and heard very good things about, I figure if it's terrible well I'm sure we've wasted $30 before on worse things.

Megan Webb said...

Noooo honey I mean fabric pretty fabric pretty Spanish fabric mewannamewanna!!!!


Stassja said...

It was all like, really normal shitty fabric. However I did get the location of an actual fabric store I will definitely find something cool (if they have any) and send to j00. How much do you need for it to be useable for you? (Of any one type I mean)