Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Ah, the crusades!

Well, Anthony's officially done it. He encouraged me, and off I go!

I was ranting (again!) about The Business of Being Born. A site I frequent the forums of (well, one thread really) had a very short, rather sensational debate-starting article on the movie. If you can call three paragraphs headed by "IS C-SECTION BAD?" an article. (Please note my disgust here.) A bazillion women who know nothing about the movie took the title and ran with it and started the age old debate of "C-section is all about the outcome, be glad you have a healthy baby!" and the timeless favorite, "You don't get medals for natural (pain-med free) childbirth! It's all the same!!".

If I beat my head against a wall to show how much these kinds of statements drive me EFFING BATSHIT I think my head would vaporize, somehow. Don't ask me how, but I would achieve it.

So anyway, the movie is only showing in a very few select theaters (and community screenings) before its dvd/netflix release in March.

Anthony said, "Well...host a community screening!".

So now I'm pondering who to talk to to accomplish such a feat before we leave. I think it's totally doable and affordable. My one hiccup is if possible I'd like to do a Q & A afterwards but it'll take a little digging to find the right person to do that. Anyway, that's my excitement for the day.

Planning a trip with Stacy to the gypsy market tomorrow morning. It's right outside the gate and has a ton of nifty cheap stuff. Clothes, local olives (insert immense quantities of drool here), fabric, bedding, some other craft stuff, underwears, panty hose (VERY colorful, I need to just buy a ton of cool ones), kids clothes...and all very very cheap. I'm talking 2-3E for a bra or pair of shoes. Now of course, some of it is terribly cheap as far as craftsmanship as well but it's still fun to poke around.

After that I think I'll stop in at the maternity ward at the hospital and FINALLY hand over the picture I have of Ray for the 2007 Babies board. Been meaning to give it to them for, well, 5 months now and you know how it goes.

Ray has been alternately a fusspot and a crazy excited squirmy thing of joy today. He did very well at the Wings cook-off at Anthony's work earlier today, napped a little after...he's just so off and on with ME. I feel terrible but sometimes I have to leave the room with him on the floor just so he'll play! He plays happily, notices me, "Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" until I hold him and cuddle him. Completely fine if I stay out of sight. Blargh! I think he's teething again.

ETA: THIS is the offending article. The comments make me die a little inside, for the most part. *sigh* I don't even know why they mentioned the movie because the header and then the debate question are really a bit off the mark considering the supposed content of the movie. (Going by info from the movies site, numerous other reviews, and the trailer.)

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bubbeedee said...

well my little crusader...I wonder where you got that. I think it's genetic. I think debate should be a required subject in high school. Isn't it frustrating to talk to people who don't know how to stay on target and what is actually relevant? GOSH. Ooooo, gypsy market, I want to come!