Monday, 21 January 2008

I dream of youuuuUUUUUuuuu!

I have a few minutes to kill in the "waiting hour" here. This is the time when Ray is more or less down for the night, and I'd love to lay down as well but for my sanity I wait about an hour to make sure he doesn't wake up screaming. Which he inevitably will, if I got to bed immediately. Umbrella = no rain insurance. Keep one on you at all times.

I've been wanting to write down a couple of odd dreams I've had in the last few days.

The cat dream first. I was taking a bath, when Claudia (our cat) came in through a hole in the wall under the bathroom sink (it's a stand sink, no cupboard) and went straight into the house. Soon after Scarlet (troublesome/sweet feral we rescued, now living at the local no-kill shelter) showed up on the side of the tub. She actually got into the water and started paddling around. Yuck. I got her out and she sat on the edge cleaning herself off. A few more ferals came in through the hole, and one of them (a bizarre looking yellow cat, kind of mean) got into the water with me. Then I woke up.

The other dream was a little more strange. I was in an apartment with a group of people, apparently the main characters on Lost. (Yeah yeah, I'm one of THOSE people now!) The apartment seemed to always be very dimly lit, and was shaped just like our house from the inside (blackout shades and all) but was situated a few stories up. We were evidently being held there against our will by Jack. Locke and one other had escaped, although Jack told us that those people had fulfilled their duty by giving him websites with basic info on their home countries before being allowed to leave. Somehow I got into an argument with Jack, who accused me of being some sniveling, whiny, self-hating teenager or some such, and he claimed to have drawn this conclusion about me because he'd read the summary of the books I was reading. (The Kushiel's series by Jacqueline Carey.) I was righteously angered, yelled at him, felt rather trapped and depressed, and then woke.

Second dream was just downright weird, since I've not had any real self-esteem issues in years (who didn't feel not quite right in their skin during puberty?) and jesus, way to judge a person by the covers of their books! LMAO.

Ok, now that I've effectively slain you all with my corniness, off I go to the shower.


bubbeedee said...

yes, your dreams are strange. Perhaps you are obsessed with the kitties? Or bathing? Or you think your cats are dirty (probably the most likely explanation).

Stassja said...

They're filthy! It's so dusty here and then they pee all over my house as well. I guess in some ass-backward way I should be grateful to the Asshole next door, they're ALL gone now except the one that lives on the corner. (And one across the street that picks fights with Claudia, sigh)