Saturday, 14 February 2009

Well then

Welcome to my lap. Population: 2. Or is it 1.5? (Aside from stomach woes being numerous none have been very strong. Everything gives me heartburn and gas, and if I'm not full then I'm hungry and queasy. The hunger hits like a freaking mack truck too.)

This was the morning of weird dreams. Anthony got up with Ray and surprisingly the little monster did not run into my room every few minutes to awaken me gently. Namely, by doing his signature atomic elbows off the headboard onto any exposed part of my body. Anyways, dozing. I had a bit of sleep paralyzation, and for once it wasn't frigging terrifying. I dreamed I was laying right there in bed, light was the same and everything, same position (as I was awake) with a hand on my belly, and I was feeling the baby move a ton. Extra weird because my belly was flat but this was the movement of a bigger baby, and I even wondered if maybe I was farther along than I thought. Anthony was running around playing with Ray (and he really was in the waking world) and I kept trying to call him so he could come feel the baby. But of course I couldn't make any noise. After a few minutes I finally realized my throat was just too dry and I woke up and had a sip of water. I knew right off it had been a dream. It was all very surreal.

I'm having a strong Katamari urge. *sigh* It saddens me that after 2 ps2 games they dumped us and went for xbox and psp. Ssssaaaaaaaaaadfaces. Oh the betrayal, it cuts me deep. :(((

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