Sunday, 8 February 2009


Free at last! I just left the "debate" team at babycenter. (A forum for moms and moms-to-be) There used to be some interesting debates but these days it's nothing but "Hey, look at this parent that does things I find controversial! Let's all point and gasp and think how much more awesome we are!". And it's not even really, truly bad things. And sometimes not bad at all. I just saw a thread pop up where they were going to "debate" Unschooling (a form of homeschooling) and just unsubscribed for the whole lot. No one there is actually interested in debating, in presenting logical arguments or learning from each other. It's just a big ugly judgement fest and I can't take it anymore. It's vile and disgusting and only adds to the unattainable Super Mom persona that so many of us labor under, whether we do so consciously or not.

With my recent epiphany about judging other moms I just can't stomach all that toxic spew any more. Bleh.

For whatever reason I feel like this baby is more fragile. We're also "feeling" girl. (Not to say we girls are inherently fragile, at all, just how I feel for whatever reason.) Just for the record, Shanna is feeling that she'll be much smaller, like size won't be an issue this time, and that it might be because she'll come a little earlier? She also felt a respiratory problem of some kind, nothing serious or life-threatening, just maybe some trouble breathing from being early or could even be asthma later on. (Would also make sense with my own history.) Again, this is nothing we're going to bank on or plan on happening, just possibilities. She wasn't wrong about Ray though (although her record is not perfect) so I just want to file it away here for pondering down the road.

So yeah, interesting stuff. :)

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Housefairy said...

I hate how mothers forums turn so evil. It is such a shame because those message boards can be really a great way to feel connected...but yeah, ive been there. I dont blame you for leaving!