Thursday, 5 February 2009

Fashion Sense

He brought me the bottom shirt, for the first time demanding to wear something. It is, admittedly, too small. There are some cute little frogs on it. Once that was on, he gave me his original shirt, wanting to wear that one too!

Yes mother, he has my fashion sense. I will be forever poked fun at because the outfits I chose as a child were, well, vibrant. Let us also remember that was the early 90's, mom, it was the STYLE!


bubbeedee said...

hmmm, seems to me I remember some fleecy pajama pants that you made in your homeschool sewing class - uh, camoflage hunting orange with shades of brown that you wore to co-op...and that was the style in the 90's? I think not! Well, I give you credit for being original and unafraid of public opinion. I see the tradition continues, go baby Ray! (Hey, and he wanted ORANGE, I wonder what that means?)

Stassja said...

He certainly wanted lots of orange! (And he's currently patting and pressing on my butt experimentally, strange boy)

They were jammy pants! And the only time I wore them out was like, once, to co-op to show them off! Sheesh!

Lacy Rose said...

he is so cute!