Monday, 2 February 2009

Some Superbowl Ramble!

First off, holy tits what a game! Was minorly rooting for the cardinals but mostly just hoping for a good game, and wow did we get one! Great stuff.

John Madden, your obsession with "penetration" and "big, strong hands" is really starting to worry me. All we can do is giggle when you speak. Does this guy say anything intelligent? Ever?

Some good commercials too, and some I had issue with. The one big "wtf?" for me was the commercial. Overall, decent and fairly enjoyable. But the beginning killed me, as they showed a hospital delivery room, a new mother holding her newborn, and the baby reached out and grasped the doctors finger. Cool, cool, until the narrator said that the baby was "congratulating the doctor on a perfect delivery". And I went WHUUUUUUH?! What did the flipping DOCTOR do?! Mama over there did the freaking work! Bah! *throws hands in the air* Anthony was greatly annoyed with my rather loudly proclaimed ire on that commercial but by god it's annoying!

Oh! And I think alot of Ray's "issues" the past few days have been because daddy is gone so darn much. Not that he can help it of course, but all Ray knows is "Daddy is here" or "Daddy is not here". He was fantastic today, Anthony's first 24 hours at home in weeks. He was a little crazy tonight but I think that was just all the fun of having mom and dad within reach (on the couch watching the game and showering attention on him) for hours. It was good crazy but hooboy.

Well now I need to pay some attention to my man. He'll be gone a LOT the next two weeks so we gotta treasure what time we get. Or at least make good use of it. ;)

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bubbeedee said...

It was a really great game. Probably the best Super Bowl I've seen. Daddy didn't even seem too upset that the Cardinals lost and you know your brother was ecstatic about the Steelers. w00t! I guess I missed the commercial with the baby congratulating the doctor - I would have had the same reaction you did, PUH-LEASE. We need to find them online and start an email campaign...