Monday, 16 February 2009

Holy crap man

I knew I'd get belly faster this time but holy crap. I'm breaking out the maternity clothes over here! And filling them! (6 weeks today) Sorry the pic is so blurry, our camera is on the fritz and I need to call tech support and probably take it into a repair shop. :( And that won't be happening till we move, obviously!

Speaking of, we had the inspector dude over this morning (very nice guy, Ray immediately wanted to be held by him) and he checked out all the stuff they're going to have to pack.

I should mention here for documentation purposes that Anthony has taught Ray to pat my butt when I get out of the shower. (I usually spend a few minutes in the buff cooling off from the hot shower so I don't sweat up my clothes) So he's been happily chasing me around trying to get at my rear, and the other day took it a step further when I felt *pat..pat......spreaaaad*. I leapt about three feet sideways while Anthony nearly peed himself laughing. BOYS. GOSH.

I think the hunger is about to set in and damn if it doesn't hit like a freight train. Time to get the food going so when it hits I'm ready.

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