Saturday, 21 February 2009

tonight ROCKS

Yes my pretties, tonight does ROCK. And I'm TOTALLY not high on paint fumes. I was also absolutely not painting doorways and covering baby pen marks on the walls or painting over the whole strip of cabinet that Ray pulled off to disguise 11pm on a friday. Nooooooo, that was not me! I didn't think the paint smell was that bad but now I'm feeling kind of loopy and holy shit you should see how many typos I'm fixing here. (You'll never see one of those fun typo-ridden drunk type posts from me, the spelling nazi overcomes even alcohol and paint fumes and reigns supreme, stomping on the backspace as needed!)

We had a pizza and coke night with MJ (my cousin) and her family. Leon (her hubs), Natalie (their 2yr old) and Julian, their sweet little 1 month old. Humorously enough, they're driving out to California tomorrow to see her parents (my aunt and uncle) and we're driving out, to nearly the same area, next week! So yeah, we just chilled watching TV and let the babbies play. They were both very good together, despite being a little grabby with each others sippy cups.

Also fun? RIGHT when they drove up Ray was on the back of the love seat attacking the blinds. (And I kid not, he ATTACKS them) I start walking over to pull them up, saying that I didn't want him to break them when I hear "CRACK" and the whole bottom part busts in half. (You know, the cheap vinyl shades you see in every house) I know it won't be that much to fix them but it's just one more stupid thing. UGH. I'm sooooo tempted to tape them together and see if it'll slide. LOL. As it is one of the living room light fixtures has a busted bulb in it. I tried unscrewing the thing and the whole glass part just busted off. Thankfully it's covered so you can't even see it until you get up there and unscrew it. HAH. I feel kinda bad leaving it for the next tenant but's all I can do not to burn this place to the ground. Stupid overpriced hell hole.

Tomorrow is outdoor day. We gotta get the dryer to the curb (or something, meant to stop by the city hall today and ask what we do with it but forgot. Damn) and Anthony has to mow the lawn. THAT should be buckets of lawls because his lazy ass has not mowed the back even ONCE since he got here. He bitches to the guys at work that it was all long (front and back) when he got here (although admittedly, at least I did mow half the back and it was obscene even then) and I have to point out that at least my excuse is that I was alone with a one year old and suddenly have a grass allergy! (Yes, I broke out into hives all over my neck and shoulders. It was fantastic) He's just laaaaaazy. Aaaaaand I have to sweep all the nasty ucky buggies and grass out of the garage. Stupid roaches go in there just to die. *shakes fist*

Ok, I think I'm about typed out. Later bitchez!


Lacy Rose said...

this sounds like my kind of party.

keep painting. im coming over for some fumes.

Lacy Rose said...

Everything ok? You have been quiet!!