Saturday, 7 February 2009

Holy crap doods

Disturbed was


Love love love. Surprisingly the first opener was better than the second. Going by their recorded sound I was drawn to the second band more (7dust) but in concert Skindred rocked out.

And Disturbed was just plain LOVE. Anthony was able to come with me, actually managed to get out of work in time for us to go together. Sherry (next door neighbor) watched Ray, and he was sound asleep by the time we got home although she said it took him a while to fall asleep. I'm glad we were able to get home by midnight for her sake, I know they're not night owls like we are.

The moshers were REALLY annoying, at least in virginia they were civilized enough to form an outer ring of pushers to keep us civilized folk from getting squashed. And I mean, look at me guys. Skinny little short chick, do I fricking LOOK like I want to mosh?! What freaks me out more than getting pushed or slammed into is when whole groups of people mash on you, I'm so afraid of losing my footing and getting trampled. :S

But yes, Disturbed. David Draiman is just as yummy in real life as he is on the videos. That piercing remains freaking HOT. Agh! So awesome. I know it wasn't really Anthony's thing but it was really nice to have him there to bodyguard me lol.

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