Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Diet halp!

Ok guys, here's the deal. At the advice of my midwife I'm going on a diet to help keep this baby at a more normal weight. She's seen babies up to 2lbs lighter than their c-section siblings! That's ALOT!

So I need help thinking of things to eat, and especially with yummy snacks that I can eat frequently.

I like:
To eat most anything. I WILL eat most anything.
I prefer salty over sweet.
I love ramen, and I dress it up with eggs and onions and spinach and sometimes sausage (beef) and so on!
I do like seafood.

What I can't have:
Fruit Juice
No beef and any other meat is preferred organic (to avoid the growth hormones).
I should also be keeping my carb intake low.

So for breakfast I like turkey bacon, with fruit and/or eggs. But I'm kinda burned out on eggs cooked in breakfasty ways.
For lunch I'm more than happy with a spinach salad, with tuna on top. But now I'm reading because of the mercury levels I shouldn't have more than a tin or two of tuna a WEEK. UGH. Plus it kind of kills my fish intake, and I love fillets of fish.
I'm not crazy about chicken breast. Even seasoned up all nice it's boring to me.

But meals aren't so much my issue, it's the snacking. Normally I'd be gulping down cheese as an easy protein snack, but no dairy so that's out. Kind of watching carbs so no chips, plus if you have tortilla chips you need DIP! And while I'm sure salsa can be good for you, I'm sure cheese dip isn't. And again, dairy.

Help! I can only eat so many carrot sticks here people! And in my food boredom I've been eating bad the last few days with the justification of "It's too early to worry about the baby gaining too much weight!" which is not helpful.

So, any snack ideas you find delicious? I do love veggies but I need more fun way to cook them or eat them fresh! (Except broccoli. I'll eat it if I must but that and cauliflower are high on the prefer-NOT list) Any cookbooks you think may be helpful?


Lacy Rose said...

I am no help whatsoeeever. I eat fat foods. All day long.

I will stay tuned tho to see what others suggest.

Stassja said...

Hehe, thanks. Thanks to my skinny 4evah metabolism I've never even considered going on a diet. :S All new to me! (And I've discovered already my will power is horrible. It's amazing I quit smoking this time so easy lol)