Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Home again!

NEVER AGAIN. The trip, on the whole, was fantastic. We had a fabulous time with my parents and Brandon (little brothers friend) and relaxing at the farm, playing in the snow, and so on. We really had a good time.

Ray burned his hands on the wood stove (the "HOT!" warning finally hit home) and the poor little dude ended up with some pretty big blisters. He was calmed down and ok after a few hours but it was rough on him. I feel bad but obviously he had to learn HOT the hard way. Obviously I would never stick his hand on something hot to teach it, that's just meeeeessed up. But he did learn it, that wood stove got some dirty looks afterwards!

We all came down with the Ass Plague (minus Anthony and my dad, of course!). Brandon started it the day before we arrived, then four days later (after Ray got burned) Ray got it, puked once and then had a few days of diarrhea. The puke was nasty but not traumatic, more like a huge spit up on his radar. My true mettle as a mother was tested, as I was plunged into the refining fires of being puked on, and I came out whole and calm, never even gagged or got more than mildly grossed out. LOL.

Next day Ray was feeling better so we went to see Anthony's parents (GAH) and JD and Bird, and her new Baby Bird. (JD being the youngest brother, he's just started college.) Little dude was sooooo cute and slept and ate the whole time. I was feeling nauseous (presumably from the alcohol I'd consumed the night before) and I threw up right before we left, hoping that would be the end of it we took of. Ooooooh but it wasn't. We stopped about 10 times on the side of the snowy highway (turning a two hour trip into over three hours) so I could drain myself from both ends simultaneously. That was hell. The sheer misery of the whole ordeal had me questioning my homebirth desires, LOL. Which is silly I know, but those were my thoughts at the time.

Got back to the farm to find my brother stricken with the same malady, and later that night my mom had a mild bout as well. This really threw off our travel plans for DC the following day, and we spent an extra day at the farm. Rather than infect everyone we met in DC (and given the extra day in our itenerary) Anthony and I turned for home and sadly missed seeing family and dear friends down there. :( Still kind of disappointed but with Anthony due at work Wednesday morning and the Ass Plague being so highly contagious it was a gift best never given to those down south. Did I mention Anthony's little bro got it? Poor guy had to go to the ER twice, first for dehydration and then again when he had a dystonic reaction (muscle spasming, his tongue went nuts) to the meds they gave him the first time. Bird and Baby Bird had a minor episode, thankfully no puking for them and it was very short. Can't help but think Baby Bird was protected by the Almighty Boob!

We opted to stop for the night on our way home rather than push through the night (30 hours of driving) as we did on our way up. It was muuuuch better to stop, but still a very long difficult trip and one that's committed us to just saving up for airfare next time, especially given our upcoming move to San Diego.

Speaking of, we should have more news on that once Anthony returns to work Weds. Yay! Hopefully they'll have us approved so we can get on the housing waiting list and schedule our move. Should be interesting, and I can't wait to be settled in off-base housing out there. Our finances are so beyond strained right now (as in, we're NOT making it but we have wonderful support from those recently blessed with extra funds, hugs!) and it will be fantastic to be out from under rent/utility bills, and get one car paid off with the tax return. One year to pay off a $15k car ain't half bad if you ask me. My car payment is considerably lower so we should have no trouble keeping up with that another year.

Now we just huddle down until the water heater is fixed wednesday, I cannot WAIT to have hot water again and SHOWER. Sheesh. And moving to San Diego and escaping the wench land lady will be glorious. GLORIOUS I SAY.

And now, egg spam! See what happened to some of the last ones? Sadly my first two perished while we were away (hatched the day we left) and the other two lived and reached maturity today. Wee! More eggies on the way! FUN!

Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!

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