Tuesday, 20 January 2009


We had a nice, chill day today. Watching shows/movies, playing with our boy, and just being together. We headed for a local park that leads right down to the bay. We played on the playground first, it's so funny because even though the floors of the equipment are not see through, Ray is soooooooooo careful up there and will stay on all fours until he's at the top or has a hold on one of us. After that we walked down to the bay. As we walked the wooden boardwalk to the stand Ray kept looking down and stopping every step or two, we assume since he could see a wee bit through the slats. Amazing that he's so careful out there, when at home he is BEYOND fearless!

The tide was out, leaving mud and clay filled with sand crab holes and huge shallow puddles. We trekked through the goop to the edge of the bay. (Keep in mind it was nearly 80f here today and yesterday as well) Ray was deadset on the water, so after rolling up my pants and stripping my shoes, I followed him in and took off his pants and shoes so he could play in the water a bit. It was chilly and windy, but it being a bay the water was very calm and shallow. He was happy to splash around a bit until he finally lost his balance and plopped on his butt. THEN he was displeased with the cold, being soaked to his chest! We stripped him quick, and I had DH donate his shirt (which he whined about, but I pointed out I couldn't exactly donate MINE) and we trekked back to the car with Ray in his daddy nightgown.

You know, that kinda bothers me. There's nothing WRONG with boobies. They're not even originally meant to be sexual. They're no different from what men have, just larger. He can take off his shirt anywhere out doors. I take mine off and I can be arrested. That irks me a bit.

So anyway, back to the nightly Raycapades. Anthony and I were in here diddling around on our seperate computers, with the TV on in the next room. After a few minutes I had that "it's quiet...TOO QUIET" realization. We found Ray sitting on the couch with a half eaten banana. Yes, he'd pulled the bunch off the counter, detached one banana (the stem stayed attached to the rest, thankfully giving him an opening without excess mooshing) and was peeling the damn thing THE RIGHT WAY. Keep in mind we haven't had bananas in our house for months, and he's only seen two or three peeled and eaten in the last few days. He was good, didn't eat the peel, and once he finished he set the empty peel onto the bookcase next to the couch, just like we would mid-show. We were just plain in shock, lol.

So overall, a good day. :)

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bubbeedee said...

see, further evidence we EVOLVED since he just KNEW how to eat that banana! hehe, well, he is just too cute and I know for sure his grandma wasn't a monkey.