Monday, 12 January 2009

Adorable as ever

We were watching Phantom of the Opera today before Ray's nap. He very much enjoyed the music, and after Christine performs "Think of Me" and the audience is applauding, Ray clapped his hands and gave her an enthusiastic, "Good job!!". We about died. XD That's mah boy!

He was just on FIRE today. Everything he did was with extreme enthusiasm. From jumping around on our bed (and nearly falling off, giving me heart attacks as I watched from my perch on the toilet) to playing with his "whack the ball through the hole" toys. He ended up receiving a big plastic one hand-me-down from a friend, and a wooden one from my parents. I thought we'd end up giving one away but he LOVES them both. We also played alot with his shake-n-go batmobile. He tossed the kitchen rugs all over as I cooked dinner and has been eating us out of house and home. At first I thought he was just bored and enjoyed snacking, but found with a little experimenting that he was just plain HUNGRY. So he had numerous breakfasts and lunches. He's been sleeping good and heavy at night (knock on wood) so I think we're in the midst of a major growth spurt.

He's also been very helpful. He helped me put groceries in the fridge, and after pulling some trash off the counter he helped me throw it in the trash can. I think he's been saying "pretty" (pee-ee) and "baby" (bee). Just going by what he says and points at and words that I use with him frequently. (We have a picture of his cousin Sorina at easter on the fridge, christmas family pictures of my Aunt Sara's family and the neighbors, and an old black and white of my mom holding a baby me. We look at "the babies" alot together!)

So he's been a handful but he's more fun every day. He's also starting to really like the TV, something that I'm trying to cut us back on again. If it's off for a little while he either turns it on himself or brings me the remote. >.> Oops. He doesn't seem to care much what's on, I think he just likes watching and listening to the people and the music. Which I can't fault him for, but I would like less of it.

Oh! His other big word now is "Oh WOWWWWW". He was paging through one of his books earlier (he really likes the color one you read to him at the farm, mama. Can't remember if it was from you or not) and saying "Oh WOWWWW!" very passionately. XD He also loves to play with any utensils and dishware we leave laying around in his reach, and "feeds" himself. If only he did so well when he's actually up in the high chair, alone with his spoon and cup of applesauce!

Speaking of, those are some more words. He says "get up" and "get down", more phrases we use frequently. The other day after finishing his applesauce he called to me, "get down way!" (ray). So I of course obliged him. :)

So that's my baby update! Nothing much else going on of note. I've kicked my WoW habit for the time being. Anthony just started playing a little again tonight but he's not been very motivated either.


Lacy Rose said...

I have a little helper too! I say lets pick up our toys and he runs around throwing them in the toy baskets.

This age is so fun!!

I havent seen a recent pic of Ray til now. He is sooooooooo cute!!

bubbeedee said...

Oh WOWWWWW! He is TOO cute! And looking more like a little boy and less like a baby in that picture. Such a smart little cuddle-bunny! Thanks for the wonderfully detailed update - I'm really glad you're a writer!

Stassja said...

Heehee, yes he's insanely cute lately, makes it easy to write about him. :) I think he's working on another tooth though, he's been on the cranky side. Blah!