Wednesday, 14 January 2009

*froths at the mouth*

Hooray for more shitty kids fantasy movies taking a crap on my genre of choice. Because anything with magic must be aimed at kids!

And I'm not against kids fantasy but honestly do we have to talk DOWN to them like they're mentally disabled? This is what I LOVED about Harry Potter. It was clean, aimed at kids, but it didn't treat them like brainless zombies unable to follow a plot line. And I'm sure there are quite a few young adult series that are similar (don't get me started on Twilight) but get the equivalent of a lobotomy when put into movie form.

While we're ranting about things aimed at kids, wtf is up with Kidz Bop? That shit has been around since I was a child, and even then I found the entire thing insufferable. Especially in the days of iTunes and "clean" Walmart cuts of albums there's just no reason for it. I don't want to hear a bunch of yutzes with no nutses or menses (well, it almost worked) shrieking away top 40 hits. And some of the SONGS! Now, I know they're edited to be kid friendly but whyyyyyyyy. Can we not just make music that's kid friendly that doesn't have to be mindless nattering about friendship or colors...and sung by adults? Don't get me wrong, I will LOVE listening to my son sing, and a well-done children's choir can be AMAZING. But having little Cindy singing it with SOUL makes my head explode. OW. STOP IT.

*huff* Does anyone buy those atrocious CD's? I guess someone must or they wouldn't be on edition 389423. As I said, even as a kid they had no pull for me. And if I had been listening to those songs on the radio I wouldn't want some bad knock-off sung by a 13 year old boy that has no clue what the words entail.

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Lacy Rose said...

Holy shit! I saw this commercial lastnight. I was listening and like "Hey I know this song..I think... but who the hell is singing this?"

Do not want.