Thursday, 6 November 2008


Ok, so, I forgot what I was gonna OH YEAH!

I remember now.

My dear beloveds, do not take Dayquil at night. For serious dawg. Unless you're ready for weird, vivid dreams, and superhuman sense of hearing. Like, Anthony taking a deep breath or rolling over beside me had me immediately awake and HAVING THE POOP SCARED OUT OF ME. It was very, very odd. Also, it completely dried me out and left me feeling like I'd been punched repeatedly in the face. Yes, my face was actually tender to the touch. Yowch. Back to my knock-off Walmart brand Mucinex, thank you very much.

(I only took the dayquil because I couldn't find my knock-off meds, assuming Ray had carried it off somewhere I miraculously "found" them this morning, on my nightstand, right where I left them. I so win at life.)

In other news, Ray woke only once for a cuddle last night (we let him stay up till 10:30) and otherwise slept like an angel until almost 9am. Granted, it was cloudy and dark out this morning, so I'm about to go back out in search of a better curtain for his room. (Target was sadly lacking, yesterday) But hallelujah for sleep! In the interest of finally getting over this cold (and hey, laziness!) I opted to nap with him this afternoon as well. Good times.

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