Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Oh my goooooooood so cute! Ray is standing next to me babbling. This is not abnormal. He's noisy and I expect once he truly starts talking I'll be wishing for these days again. LOL.

But anyways, I look down and he's got my cellphone pressed to his ear, and he's babbling away on it. Soooooo insanely cute! Here I've been wondering about what age they start to use their imagination, and I guess that's about now! He's also taken more interest in cartoons and such on the TV. He laughs at things that happen, but it's generally not for any reason I can comprehend. It's really sweet though.

Gosh, I guess he's becoming a little kid. And now he's got my bike helmet on his head. THE CUTENESS, IT ABOUNDS.

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bubbeedee said...

He comes from a long line of unbelievable cuteness and intelligence....