Tuesday, 23 June 2009


So nice to know our children are getting good "lessons" from cartoons. Just saw the last few minutes of a show on Cartoon Network (6teen) and was greeted with this gem of an episode.

Two of the guys (main characters) had taken two girls out for the afternoon together. They went shopping, bought things for the girls, while arguing with one another because one of the guys was apparently going against his usual style by being "nice". Shelling out cash for the girl, being extra polite, and dazzling her with talk she was interested in, namely golden retriever puppies. (There was no puppy present or involved, apparently this is just universal get-the-panties-off talk for 16 year olds) Towards the end of the date the one (not-nice) guy bought a round of capuccino's for all four of them, which met with extravagant compliments from his date on his generosity. So he asks if he can be her boyfriend, and she turns him down, and she and the other girl explain they were enjoying being friends, and went on with the usual bullshit about how the guys were TOO nice and they liked their men to be dark and treat them like crap, so they could "fix" them. The guys, stunned, walk off to converse for a moment, both SO SHOCKED and APPALLED that they had been USED and that all the politeness had failed to help them "score"! They remarked that it was "too bad the girls have no money" and walked out, leaving the bill for the girls.

Totally mature guys. On every fucking level. I don't even know where to begin this steaming heap of shit gives me such a headache.

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