Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Uh, sure, k.

Went to the beach tonight for an hour or so. Had a small debacle involving Ray locking himself in the car, with the keys. I'd put him in there to climb around while the others finished packing up and getting dressed, carefully holding the keys IN my hand because he was suddenly all over that lock button. Things were taking a while so I sat for a moment in the drivers seat and got some tunes rolling. (As in, keys in the ignition) As I'm doing this the driver side door is open. Ray is more interested in playing behind the wheel so I get up to switch to the passenger seat, closing the door behind me. Well, somehow in those thirty seconds he'd locked it without me noticing. (The locks in the Sentra are quiet, and in MY car you can't lock the doors when any are open. Apparently this is not the case with the sentra!)

Enter half an hour of begging Ray to play with the locks more. We get a cop/meter maid to call us a tow truck to pop the door open. After a while waiting he wanders off, another cop pulls up to check on us. He too attempts to convince Ray to play with the locks to no avail. Asks if we checked all four doors, and I tell him I had. (Here is where I admit that I didn't, I checked the front two but you hit the lock button, they all lock, you know?) He walks over and opens the back passenger door. Ray had been playing back there for a while through all of this and must have manually unlocked it without us noticing. MAN what a relief, especially with money running tight at the end of the month. (We HAVE money, but it's set aside to pay the midwives, I'd rather not touch it unless it's freaking DIRE)

So we averted a big bill, but he still took down my name and info, and Ray's name. :( Said they would keep an eye out for any recurrences and if it happened more CPS would be notified. I know it won't come to that but man, way to add insult to injury. And I was being so damn careful with the keys too. ARGH. (Somehow through all this I did manage to stay calm, although I about lost it after he left and things were resolved, partially from relief and partially embarassment, and getting my name "in the system" in any way. Ugh.)

Just got done watching Dragonball Evolution. First off, I'm sooooooooo glad I did not pay for that in any way. *cough* Secondly, as expected it was pretty awful. I was hoping that even if they fucked with the story, they would at least get the characters halfway right...and I was sorely disappointed. Granted I'm not as big a Dragonball buff so much as a Dragonball Z buff, but I know enough to know that that shit was OFF.

Also, I know it was low budget but the badness was just BAD. It felt like a badly dubbed kung fu movie. Not that kung-fu movies inherently have such terrible scripts (I know there must be good ones out there when viewed in their native tongue) but somehow it still had that awkwardness of dialogue, like they couldn't quite fit the lines in as they were meant and so they took some liberties and it just sounds awful. But it's an american film!

I hate that it's high-school era. It really watched like a bad fanfic come to life. Ow. I think I definitely need to dig out some real DBZ to cleanse my mind of it.

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