Sunday, 21 June 2009

I suck!

I know I know, I suck at this. I'd like to at least say that I've been busy, but mostly there's no excuse. I've had plenty of time the past few months to update this, and I just haven't felt like it.

We just got back from seeing my family for a few weeks. It was so nice to get a bit of relaxing in. We spent the first week sick as dogs, then my grandma came, then we had a few days to cram in stuff around town and then it was State Track meet in Myrtle Beach (for my "little" brother) and flying back home again.

I will not be flying with Ray again in the near future. For one thing, I will not be flying ALONE with him, and for another, he will never again be a lap child. Two in August! Ack! But yeah, he was pretty horrible on the plane, through little fault of his own. He's a squirmy active boy that prefers running and jumping and playing to, well, anything. And he really has trouble sleeping unless he's on his tummy. He's been like this since birth, so I can't really blame him for it. But it did make for a really miserable 14 hours (total, there and back) of my life. Thank god he's so darned cute that the folks sitting next to me never really complained. Because woo doggy, I was ready to just fall apart or jump out the window. Having a quickly disappearing lap probably did little to help.

Speaking of my growing gut, Dorian is doing fantastic. He's nearly as active as his brother, and we hit a milestone yesterday. First time he's spent hours and hours with a random body part jammed into my ribs. Owwwwww. Must have found the deep groove worn into that spot by his brother. Seriously uncool. For the most part though, I'm really enjoying this pregnancy. All my walking about in SC seemed to get my endurance up a bit and fast forward some of the adjustment period to being larger. I've also been eating so much better this time. I won't blame it all on just being a pig last time, I really was just RAVENOUS, and I'm not this pregnancy. Which is good. I've still only gained roughly 15lbs. I'm planning on heading to a nearby park (big nature trail kind of park) quite soon to get some walking in. It's still quite cool here, and most days not even sunny. I think Sunny Southern California is a big fat tourism gag at this point.

Ray is...a child. He's really not a baby anymore. Every day more of the baby recedes and disappears to make room for the child. I love watching him use his imagination to play out various scenarios. The other night my roomie tripped on a toy of his, exclaiming loudly and limping a few steps after. He then spent ten minutes miming her, kicking a toy, falling to the floor while yelling as though in pain. (Obviously a much over-acted version of her reaction!) We couldn't help but laugh. We can barely get him to eat "kid food" these days, he wants what the adults are eating. Usually he'll go up the stairs with one hand on the wall, but a few weeks ago he looked up to find my hand on the banister and now he stretches himself up to use that instead. While playing with a few (slightly) older boys the other day he would give orders and generally boss them around. If they did something well, he would clap and loudly cheer "Yaaaaaaaaaaay!". He's quite the bossy pants but he tries to be nice about it at times. Lol.

Anthony is doing well. Work work working. We're a little past the halfway point in the deployment. Three months to go! I'm so unbelievably happy that he'll be home well before Dorian emerges. I want to give Anthony some time to better adjust to me being pregnant. He left before he could even feel him move or hear a heartbeat. He's seen ultrasound pics, and belly pics, and of course heard me talk ad nauseam about it, but I can't help feeling that even with all that it might not feel really REAL without a little time home to adjust, seeing me lugging a giant belly around so it really sinks in. It'll be a big enough adjustment just coming home without having a new person already there awaiting you! Yes, I know military families do it all the time, and we would manage if need be, but it's not our first choice by any stretch.

Well I could just go on and on but I don't want this one post to be too terribly tl;dr! May update again later tonight or tomorrow.

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