Monday, 22 June 2009


I think my heart just fell into my feet. At my last ultrasound they found my placenta is "low-lying", and within a few centimeters of my cervix. If the placenta actually covers the cervix it's called placenta previa and leads to a whole list of fun things. Mostly, a c-section.

At any rate, I'll have another ultrasound in a few weeks to make sure it's moved up (which it usually does). But out of curiousity I was reading up on previa and found that one thing that can increase your chances of previa (or even low-lying placenta) is, you guessed it, a c-section. It made me feel sick reading that. That having one really CAN increase your risk for another, and not just in that "the doctors will MAKE you!" kind of way. I mean, I knew that was true. But to have it affecting me personally like this...ouch.

Taking care of tons of this and that today. Would be getting more done but Ray started off the day by puking three times. He seemed to be feeling better the last hour or so, and just went down for a nap. Here's hoping that was the last of it! I could really use a few errands this afternoon when he wakes up.

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