Friday, 26 September 2008

It's happy days!

Anthony will be home in an hour or so. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

I don't have much to add to that. We'll be heading out for dinner tonight, and to pick up a bloody router. BOTH of our routers (one wired and our new wireless) are in the box we had the foresight to send to his dads house (in Austin) right before we left Spain. We had our neighbor ship the boxes, one to Austin and the other to my parents house in SC. Keep in mind, this is back at the end of april. Well, the one to my folks got there while I was visiting, in May. The one to Austin? Nothing. I thought it was gone, gone, gone. Then two weeks ago, bam. They get it on their front porch. WTH? Frigging postal service ate my box (of course, the one with all the more valuable items in it) for nearly five months. I've been up and back from Austin time and again, so I COULD have picked it up...had it been there. Blah. No point now in going to get it as I'll be up there next weekend getting the Bird from the airport.

So yeah, buying another router. Joy. *shakes fist* Damn you USPS!

In honor of Anthony arriving home, I'm adding on the video of "our song". Our first dance at the wedding was to the piano version, this here be the jazzed up version. It's actually an old 80's hit, I know, but cheesy as DJ Sammy is I like this remake best. :D Enjoy!
DJ Sammy feat Yanou - Heaven


Lacy Rose said...

Yay for Anthony being home! Its duty day here :(

How long has A been gone for?

Lacy Rose said...

Yoohooo! Nosy me wants to know what is new in your life?

Gotta keep up with my peeps!