Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Oh god why

Another fabulous day, up at 6 or whatever. BLARGH. Scratch that "get up and watch TV" idea, all it did was wake him up the rest of the way and now I'm screwed till nap time.

Movie review time!

First up yesterday was Baby Mama. Not dying on the floor funny, but it was humorous, cute, and fun. Definitely worth at least one watch if you're in the mood for something light. :) I'll give it 3.5/5!

Hancock came next. Fight scenes were cool, stuff was funny...I found the storyline lacking though. Some flashbacks would have been nice, or fleshing out the plot just a liiiiiittle more would have gone a long way. In the end the story just felt rushed, which is too bad because it was a cool premise. Will Smith was funky too, he looked weird to me. Not sure why. I still love him though. *humps his leg* I'll give it a 3/5.

Breakfast time for me. Ta!

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