Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Beam me up!

It's really about time we invented Transporters. Star Trek style. Press of a button and you're miles and miles away!

We need to find a way to teleport our Uteri out until they're needed. No more periods, no accidental pregnancy or crazy hormones, just sweet luscious FREEDOM until we're ready to have kids. Yes please!

And hey, c-section would be a thing of the past. Emergency? Baby is instantly out, and no scars for mom! No more epidurals either, those not up to the task of labor could choose baby transport. Sweet indeed. (This is purely sci fi thinking here, ignoring the known benefits of a vaginal delivery. Just me in my fantasy world!)

Cancer would be a goner. We could lock onto all the cancer cells and beam it out, leaving surrounding tissue intact with no need for risky surgery. Life would be sweet, and longer for many.

No more dangerous car, train, or airline travel. No more long distance friendships or relationships. I suppose the downside would be unwanted friends or family dropping in incessantly. Hmmmm. Perhaps "transport blocking" that would work a bit like unplugging your phone or blocking a persons number. A fail-proof "do not disturb" sign!

Heck, this could probably cure HIV and AIDS! Again, just lock onto all the little infection buggers and woosh, you're cured!

Shoot, we could use it to wash DISHES! Just beam all the dirt and crud into space, highest dispersion! It would be interesting having red clouds full of tomato sauce particles. Purple rain could be a reality!

I do love sci-fi. :)


Lacy Rose said...

Well I am not a fan of Sci Fi but I do like this idea. Especially the dishes part!!

The park that we went to before was infact by a bunch of power lines. I cant remember the road it was off of tho.

Yesterday we hit up Redwing park out by Oceana. That is our new favorite!! Its kinda a drive but I dont mind it since our park in the complex is closed? strange.

While we were driving by the Main Gate at Oceana we saw part of the Air Show they were having. Saw the Blue Angels fly over. It was neat!

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

I love it because gone would be the antibiotics which would mean we would stop creating superpower strains. Awesome idea!