Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Well folks, tomorrow they're cutting our connection to the world. Yes, no internet or phone but we will be DONE with telefonica, FOREVER. Can you hear the angels singing?

Not much of interest going on here. Just lots of cleaning and tying off all the remaining loose ends. Saw the pediatrician a few days ago and Ray is doing great. 19lbs and 27.5". He's really leaning up, although there's still some delicious chunk on his legs, and of course his cheeks! Yum!

He's standing on his own a bit now. The last few days he seemed to be doing it without realizing he was, but now h's definitely catching on. Earlier he was playing with his favorite toy (the purple box from our box set of harry potter books) and using it to stand up. Even holding onto it, he was pretty bent over, so he would let go and stand up straight, arms stretched out in front for balance. SO FLIPPING CUTE. So yes, he's been testing his balance on everything. <3 Watching him grow and learn new skills has to be the coolest thing. Does it ever get old?

We did a test run on the benadryl last night, as I was advised by a few other moms that while some kids get sleepy, others get WIRED. We gave it with his applesauce dinner, maybe an hour before bed, and he only woke in the night ONCE. Can I give it to him every night? Please?

I'm also giggling at the bottle. It has pictures of kids on the box, and it says "Children's Allergy" all over it. But then it has warnings about avoiding alcohol and caution when driving or operating heavy machinery. LOL. I told Ray to lay off the sauce after I gave it to him, but he's just gotta have his nightcap...

So anyways. Internet dies tomorrow, and then we leave early monday morning. We'll be staying at the lodge, which might have pay computers that I may or may not utilize to check my email. Please feel free to leave me some love, and I'll be back May 7th at the latest. Woot!


Anonymous said...

Wait! Wait! Where are you? You left me comment. Are you here already? Using free Internet somewhere? I must know.

Lacy Rose said...

Have a safe trip momma! Maybe we will be neighbors soon!