Tuesday, 8 April 2008

It's getting awfully scary around here

I was reading a post yesterday about obstetricians performing c-sections under court order.

Wow. I'm almost speechless. And I'm furious. This means that pregnant women have fewer rights (medically speaking) than dead bodies. You can't do shit to a body without consent.

This whole deal of placing the unborn childs needs before the mother is...shaky. It's a nice idea, but in practice? A frightening breach of human rights. Especially in a supposedly pro-choice country. The idea that the woman in the article could likely have shown up to that hospital a few months earlier and had that same baby, who was in "grave danger", and have it aborted, and would not have received a second look...it's beyond me. I'm not here to debate abortion, it's an awfully sticky subject.

But the idea that a woman, simply because she is pregnant, can not be trusted to weigh her options, risks, and make the best choice for her AND her baby is sad and about 4000 steps in the wrong direction.

As a woman who is hoping for an HBAC in the next few years, the idea is especially troubling.

And people want to hand over the reins of the medical industry to the government? I'm moving far, far, far away.

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