Saturday, 21 March 2009

The up and the down.

Here I am showing off my new shirt with my boy. What better fashion accessory could I hope for?

(And hey, that's me in the background too, being held by MY mommy!)

10 Weeks and 4 days in this one. Popping out of pants left and right and losing a few shirts as well. Boobs are up to a C so the fact that the belly is out beyond the knockers says something! It's hard to believe I'm scarcely a week from the second trimester. This week, getting Tricare set up and lots of blood drawn and such if possible. Everyone pray the navy catches up our pay soon!

Anthony got a new hat to take overseas with him and keep the heat off. (And the sun off his poor balding head!)


Living the military life kinda sucks right now. The next six months started early this morning. He's safe and sound back in Texas for now, waiting to leave with the rest of his crew. Thoughts and prayers for their safe journey please! And for some understanding for our little dude, when we got home alone he looked around the house calling "Daddy? Daddy?". Broke my heart. :(


Lacy Rose said...

this is when the military sucks. here is to a short and safe mission for DH.

bubbeedee said...

Yay for pictures! Sniff for the Daddy leaving...Awww for poor little Ray! At least you were old enough to at least understand Mommy was going to be gone awhile. My poor sweeties! You know we are praying for you!

Jill said...

ROFL, in maternity pants already are we?? I think I made it to 5 or 6 months before I needed them with my first...with my second it was about 15 minutes after I got the positive test. o.O