Saturday, 14 March 2009

Dreaming of you

Oh boy, the pregnancy dreams. Gotta love em.

Last week I dreamed I went into labor, it was all fairly painless, and I birthed the baby easily. Didn't even tear! It went so well I was all "get me pregnant again right now, that was SO easy!". It was the feeling you get when you happen across a crazy bargain, like "well as long as we're here and it's cheap let's GET FIVE OK". LOL.

Then last night I had another one. I gave birth to her super early, like 20 weeks. (For those that don't know the youngest baby to have survived, given todays medical advances, was born around 24 weeks) She was born in the caul (a ziploc baggie O_O) and well, being so young and tiny she wasn't cute. Miraculously, she was already pushing 3lbs and breathing easily on her own, no NICU stay required. She was small enough to fit in one hand and we just swaddled her up and took her home. Weird as it was (and in reality, uh terrifying and impossible) it started the "I don't wanna wake up" feeling because I wanted to keep her. Hate those dreams. Oh, that birth was a little more difficult, not terribly so but I was in "the zone" for a solid two hours.

So yeah. Today at Target I was all "DAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" over the girl clothes. They had a wittle pink newborn sleeper with crocodiles and giraffes and pink elephants. I was all HOLY SMOKES girl clothes without FLOWERS or BUTTERFLIES?! Zoo animals are not allowed for girl clothes GOSH. (I'm so going back for them.)

I'm proud to announce that I unpacked THREE large boxes in our bedroom tonight. The house is slowly coming together. (Well, really effing quickly compared to the last place we lived, lol.) The kitchen is all but done and if I could just convince Anthony to rearrange the living room we'd be set. I told him before the furniture even CAME I didn't want it set up this way but since I wasn't here for the movers he did it anyway. ARGH. It's such a nice big open space and I hate having the couch right in the midst of it. I hate having to walk all the way around the couch too. It just doesn't flow and doesn't jive with the big, open playroom feeling I was going for. Thankfully there's nothing too heavy in there so if need be Shanna and I can do it once he leaves.

Which is entirely too soon. :( We're going out to a BAR tomorrow night though, it should be fun. Lord knows what I'm going to do for 3-4 hours when I can't drink or smoke. Sigh. But hopefully it'll be fun. (Did I mention it's a two hour drive home afterwards? But he's been DYING to take me to it since he was out here last year.)

So anyways, that's us. We're having tons of fun. :)

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Lacy Rose said...

I was a 24 weeker. 1lb 13oz.

Considering the fact that this was almost 27 years ago... I am doing pretty well :)

I always have crazy preggo dreams. Giving birth to a strawberry comes to mind...