Monday, 25 August 2008

Oh Em Gee

Believe it or not, I'm still alive. I've been in hiding, because I didn't want to turn my blog into a bitchfest about my landlady. Suffice it to say, she can't stand that I complain about her busted ass slum we're living in and has been straight rude, mean, and obnoxious. I'm already a nervous wreck 24/7 about it, so I'll keep it short and say that if things go well tomorrow we'll be moving by the end of the month to a great townhouse community nearby. I'm really really excited to be out of this old horrid house, with the roaches and insulation in the AC vents and mice and...yeah.

I'm sad to say goodbye to our neighbors though. The couple next door has three kids and they've been nothing but sweet and helpful. Feeding the cat during my frequent travels, mowing my lawn on occasion, and offering to watch Ray. I'll probably take them up on that offer during the move, and find them a nice gift card for a restaraunt or something in thanks. Can't think of anything else that would cover the whole family as far as a gift.

Been traveling alot, seeing family and such. We had a great time in NY and NH, seeing all the great grandparents, grand aunts/uncles, and first and second cousins and such. Ray loved playing with our cousins, and it was all a little weird for me. There's quite the age range among me and the cousins on my moms side, as my son is only a year younger than my youngest cousin, so I'm really stuck between generations.

So yeah. I'm strung out and probably going to need high blood pressure meds if this keeps up. Things are sounding good on getting out of here this week however, and lemme tell you that will be three million pounds off my shoulders. Tomorrow we will be sealing the deal on when exactly I'll be out of here, thank god. For better or worse, at least we'll have some closure.

Ugh don't think I'll sleep much tonight. ><


bubbeedee said...

Hooray for moving to a roach-free environment! It's the little things isn't it? Too bad about leaving the nice neighbors, maybe you can stay in touch and have the occasional BBQ?

Stassja said...

Yeah I hope to stay in touch, actually get our house fixed up before Anthony gets back, and have them over for a bbq or something now that we have a grill! New place also has lots of playgrounds (and totgrounds? Haven't seen them yet but I'm guessing they're aimed younger, cool!) and nice little patios. No fenced yards but that means no mowing!

Speaking of mowing, the dr said that since I have a grass allergy (makes me itch when I touch it but usually no rash afterwards) that the stuff on my neck/arms was probably from that. So no mowing for me, oh darn. I suck with a push mower anyhow, I push it like a vacuum if I don't think about it. LOL.

MEW said...


...And that's all I have to say about that. Other than that I have Travelocity monitoring fares to CC and am harassing my boss to get her pilot boyfriend to get me free plane tickets. It's a long and arduous process involving many shiny pointy things, but it should eventually pay out.

Till then.... LOVES!