Saturday, 19 July 2008

Once again, it's been a bit. Oops?

Once again, I've fallen off the bandwagon here.

Just got in from CA day before yesterday. Had an awesome trip visiting Anthony and Shannapance. Lots of silliness ensued, and I ate far, FAR too much junk food. I think I'll yack on the next greasy burger joint I see. Bleh. It was really nice though, and we managed to get Ray sleeping on his own (with minimal screaming, these days), and mostly night-weaned. Shanna and I enjoyed many late nights watching Ghost Hunters or playing WoW. It's really freaking hot out there, and expensive as all get out. Looks like we'll be broke again come this time next year. Lol.

Ray is a walking machine, and more communicative by the day. Today he came over to me from playing, laid cool little hands on my knee, and grunted out a poop. Not two minutes later he brought me a clean diaper. It was great. He also managed to get his hands on a big old pizza crust (only cheese and some veggies on it) and wolf it down this morning as well.

--Continuing this post friday, started it thursday--

(And the stuffed animals were only in there while I vacuumed, although he's at an age where I'm not terribly worried.)

Ray has a real room now! With an actual crib! I emailed a few craigslist folks last night and by this morning had emails and calls. I ended up driving down to flour bluff to pick up a nice oak crib and mattress for only $60. It's in fantastic shape, barely even scratched for having had a 2 year old just move out of it. I also put up some cute safari animal border and stickies on the wall. Just to continue the theme (and add a little extra to the room) I set up his rainforest playmat on the floor. Looks pretty cute to me! (Oh, and you can't really tell but the sheet on the crib is also safari animals.) I get so damn tired seeing boys stuff that's all trucks or sports. It's like, "I have a boy, and I want him to be a construction worker or an athlete!". Both perfectly fine vocations, but backbreaking physical labor is not my first choice for my son. If he ends up really interested in that stuff, cool, but I'm not gonna shove it down his throat just because of the business between his legs.

Anyways. I love my car. I was really worried the crib wouldn't fit, but I folded down the seat 60/40 (with Ray's seat on the 40 side) and drove down there. I mean, we were almost able to lay the crib parts down flat that way, it was SO not a close call.

Crap, Ray is asleep and one of those monster bugs is in my room. If I turn on the vacuum he'll wake up. But grooooooooooooooossssssss. *vomits*

Ok I'm for seriously bored now. Crap.

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Lacy Rose said...

The first pic has a little red x :(

Oh and I am officially on a no plastic hanger binge. I would absolutely freak outttttt if turtle got one stuck in his throat!