Thursday, 2 July 2009


Ok, I'm done. Done being pregnant. Sign me the form to get the baby out. Lol. I am soooo less than thrilled with the contractions! Why did they have to come earlier? I mean, I guess it could be good, maybe I'll get to real labor a leeeeetle earlier, but there's still like, 3 months till then. Curses. After fighting through grocery shopping (comissary on payday, yes it was almost suicide) the darn things are about non-stop. They don't hurt but christ it's uncomfortable, makes it hard to move/bend, and wears me the hell out. I should NOT be this tired after sleeping till 9:30am! I really want to tidy up the floor in here (Ray asploded everything) but just can't bring myself to do it because I know it'll make more contractions. Ugh.

Maybe it's time to chill in front of the TV.

I was good today and got the insurance paperwork sent off. Yay, go me! I hate paperwork. I also sat in line for a while (thankfully in line IN the car so Ray was able to jump around a bit) and got my base sticker. And it's good for three years. :O Was NOT expecting that! Both cars have new registration, which means they also expire at the same time. Makes that easy.

It was so weird driving my car again after these last months in Anthony's. Weird but nice.

I'm getting excited about the birth. :) And not because I'm uncomfortable lol, for all that I bitch I'm really NOT ready to handle a newborn just this second, and it'd be nice for Anthony to see the belly a bit when he gets home. We've had a rash of rather inspiring home VBACs and home VBA2Cs and some in the hospital and just, wow! So much triumph, so much victory, so many women getting the true fruit of their labor. (Har har har) It's restored a bit of my mojo, me thinks. Also, pondering the whole "late" deal with Ray, and wondering how much his tilted head had to do with that. Maybe this one will come a bit earlier. We'll see.

For now, gonna relax on the couch since the contractions are getting more bothersome and I don't want Dori to come THIS early by any stretch.

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Lacy Rose said...

How far along are you?

Keep your azzz on the couch and get those contractions to chill!